Total Immersion EMDR Weekend


Despite Appearances…

Many Celebrities, CEOs, Established Entrepreneurs, & Other Professionals are secretly struggling. 

On the outside, they look in control.

Money. Success. Prestige. Power.

But alone in their minds…

It’s a different story.

They can’t escape their inner criticism.

It’s the prison they take with them everywhere they go.

And it shows up in many forms.

Anxiety. Depression. Addiction. Trauma. Insomnia. Eating Disorders…

Some push it down for years.

Others for decades.

Until a lifetime of pain erupts all at once.

With disastrous consequences.

Others will continue to spiral in secrecy…

Now just a few spirals away from burning everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve right to the ground.

Deep down they know they can’t keep this up without something really bad happening.

Eventually the individual (and their loved ones) reach the point where they know they need help.

So they search for podcasts to listen to.
Books to devour.
They decide to contact a coach or a therapist to help them change their thoughts and behaviours.
They see their doctor and maybe even a naturopath to improve their health.
They might even start meditating.
Everything looks good for a while…

And then they hit the Wall of Practical Reality.

Most elite professionals cannot afford to waste time visiting a coach or a therapist every week for years hoping to see change.
They need change NOW.
Their entire legacy depends on it.
And for some…
Their life depends on it.

Eventually, when they can’t keep up with their regular sessions…
Or when they feel like they’re taking one step forward and two backwards…
They fall back into their pattern of self-sabotage.
Not because they want to.
But because it’s familiar.
Only this time because they understand their pattern a little more…
Their relapse back into old patterns comes with an extra dose of shame and frustration.

Many come to the conclusion that “nothing works” for them.

So they decide to “go it alone.”

Self-medicating with alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex…

Or pouring themselves into some other pattern (sometimes perceived as positive) like work, art, exercise…


They’ve “got it.”

Or worse…

Pretending the problem doesn’t exist.

Because it’s just too painful.

And they don’t have the time anyway.

Until another wheel starts to fall off…

And they have almost no choice but to seek help again.

Only now…they feel even more hopeless than they did before.

And around and around…

This story goes…
Many come to the conclusion that “nothing works” for them.
Each time leaving the individual feeling more and more frustrated.

More and more exhausted.

More and more hopeless…

After trying “everything” with no real results, the intelligent, self-aware individual comes to the conclusion that they’re the common denominator in it all.

So it must be them.

It can’t be the mental health professional’s fault.

After all they went to school for this.

Leaving the client feeling that there’s something wrong with them.

Some feel they’re broken beyond repair.

But You’re NOT Broken…

The Old Model is Broken.

“Industry Standard” to me means “average.”

And I believe clients deserve the best.

For Years I Fed Into the False Narrative
On Both Sides of “The Couch”

Struggling with anxiety and depression for most of my life, I eventually sought counseling during my masters education. 

I felt it was time.

Little did I know…it was going to be a LONG time. 

Almost a decade, 4 therapists, 3 different coaches.

Endless books, audio tapes, and podcasts…

I thought nothing of it. 

That’s what I grew up expecting.

Freud, Jung, Adler, and Yalom proudly featured their long-term case studies in their paradigm-breaking books and research studies.

When I opened and started growing my practice…I proudly followed.

I would take my clients…

on a journey spanning several years…

Feeling I earned my paycheck when they would…

reach an insight after weeks of exploration.

Only to feel discouraged when the insight never led to change.

Years would go by. Clients would come and go.

The loyal ones that stayed… Had the same belief that I did.

Healing takes time. Fortunately…burnout set in for all of us.

And I was forced to find a better way.

Or get a “real job.”

Then I discovered EMDR…and was not only able to provide my clients with “actual” results…

…I could wrap up treatment in 12-24 months for my more complex cases and only needed 3-6 months for the “straight-forward cases.”

And knowing that the World Health Organization, American Psychological Association, and dozens of other leading health authorities around the world endorses EMDR as an evidence-based treatment…

I couldn’t wait to share EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) with the world.

Global News, CTV, and CBC started requesting my presence as an expert-guest.

A High-Profile Media Celebrity caught my Global News segment and gave me a call.

And when she found out it would take her at least 3-6 months to eliminate her addiction…

With no real guarantee of success.

She got up and left 3/4 into her first session.

She said she had to be on the air in 4 hours…

I never heard from her again.

And while her walking out on me surprised me…

She was the catalyst I needed.

I was done with providing “ordinary.”

It was time to provide Extraordinary.

And then on November 4th 2019…

My “Total Immersion Weekend” Was Born.

My first “Weekend” client was a stock broker.

Struggling with feelings of inadequacy, lack of self-worth, and fears of failure…

(In his words, “I’m just never good enough.”)

He jumped at the opportunity to “clear it all in one shot.”

Understanding the ROI of our success was non-tangible…

He loved that his positive results of self-love and confidence was delivered to him with speed and precision…

I quickly understood that my Total Immersion Weekend had the potential to change a ton of lives (and save a lot of futures)…

Especially as it met the needs of busy professionals who have time sensitive and restrictive schedules.


“I immediately felt comfortable with Robert and felt sincere compassion from him in our interactions. He provided valuable insight and understanding of the anxiety I was experiencing and he helped me shift my perspective on specific situations where anxiety was at its highest intensity.

After working through his EMDR techniques, I left feeling incredibly relaxed and at ease. I also noticed residual benefits in my daily life through a reduction in the intensity of my anxiety.

I highly recommend the work of Robert Grigore to anybody pursuing a life of health and well-being.” 

Kris Beech, MSc, NHL Alumni, President & CEO at Aimability, Co-CEO SST Hockey

(Permission Granted for Public Use of Identity.)

Kris was one of the first celebrities I worked with.

Since then, I’ve worked with actors, directors, costume designers, special effects supervisors, dance choreographers, make-up artists, and musicians.

My interest with how effective my Weekend was, took me to other top-performing professionals as well: Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Corporate Managers, Lawyers, Doctors, High-Performance Coaches, and of course more Top Level Athletes like Kris…

Now That I Could Offer My Clients Life-Changing Results Often Within A Single Weekend…

I Could Never Go Back to “Industry Standard.”

Take Brenda for example…

Brenda (H) had struggled with a compulsive behaviour that she hid from the world for over 30 years…

She appeared to “have it all” on the outside.

She was intelligent, attractive, yet humble, and she founded a successful business that employed a small team.

But she felt desperately alone…

Hiding this secret from the world.

Causing her intense shame.

Making her feel that her success wasn’t legitimate.

She felt like an imposter.

She felt unworthy.

I couldn’t let her stay trapped with those feeling for 6-8 months…

She needed change now!


“I have been struggling with self confidence and a compulsive coping behavior for almost my entire life since i was like 8 years old (possibly earlier, it feels like nearly my whole life!).

It was becoming progressively problematic and holding me back from realizing my full potential and enjoying life fully. I was struggling with my relationship with myself and with others, all stemming from limiting beliefs and destructive patterns that I knew where inhibiting me but didn’t have the ability to deal with.  

Although therapy, especially this intensive, is an enormous amount of effort, Robert made the experience so enjoyable, relaxing, and I just felt so understood and comfortable. I also had the feeling he was truely an expert in what he does and that gave me a lot of reassurance that I was doing the right thing and was in capable hands.  

Now, I am more confident, I am enough and in control. I have been able to think more clearly and detach emotion from the decisions I need to make. I have made some immediate progress in my current relationships and behaviours, but I also am working on using the tools he taught me for future hurdles. The confidence to grow as a person, let go of childhood insecurities, and contribute positively to my business, family, relationships, and society at large is exciting.  

I absolutely recommend Robert to you now, as I do regularly to others. I hope more people can experience this relief, the world will be a better place if they do. If you choose to undergo this transformation, it will be worth it in ways you cannot comprehend. Do it for yourself, your family, your friends, your business, your community. You will be happy you did. ” 

~ H, Entrepreneur

(Identity is confidential but testimonial remains unaltered to preserve the integrity of the client’s experience.)

Business Icon Jay Abraham said, “If you truly believe that what you have is useful and valuable to your clients, then you have a moral obligation to try to serve them in every way possible.”
Since I was now able to heal the root cause of… 
Panic Attacks
And More 

In as little as 3 days…

I had to offer this as a viable option for fastest results.

My clients wanted results “NOW.”

Most would agree that being trapped inside your mind with a lifetime of anxiety, relentless inner criticism, or shameful secrets, with no way to get out…

…is basically the worst prison anyone can ever be in.

And after I freed one of my celebrity clients from their personal prison in 3 days…

With a smile and a hug, I was dubbed:

“The Celebrity Saviour.”

I mentioned that nickname in passing in the green room with a radio host prior to an interview, and he ran with it.


I was further honoured when Danette Kabunda (a 2-Time Emmy Award-Winning Television Producer) popularized that nickname during an exclusive interview she did with me.

So the nickname stuck for a while.

But because I don’t view myself as anyone’s “saviour,” I eventually went back to my authentic self.

…but, I still work with celebrities and other elite professionals.

Like Charlie…

Who founded a successful company that advocates for those without a voice.

Although she was “in-charge” of the company (Founder/CEO), Charlie struggled with “freezing” during difficult situations (such as confronting aggressive males).

She was in-control of every other area of her personal and professional life…but this one tendency to freeze had been holding her back for her entire lifetime.

She tried “everything” over the span of several decades…and after I worked with someone she knew, she decided to give me a shot.

She was extremely happy she did.


“When confronted with a difficult or hostile situation, I would freeze and be unable to advocate for myself, present my point of view, or respectfully challenge or disagree with the other person.  

I had been struggling with these issues for my entire life (and I am a senior citizen). It left me with feelings of inadequacy and anger. I felt I could be bullied.  

Working with Robert, I felt heard, understood, and safe.  

Since the treatment, I have astonished myself at my ability to speak up and express myself effectively when the stakes are high. I am not vulnerable to being verbally or psychologically bullied or shut down. I actively use my (Container) and have nicknamed it Pandora’s Box. I have had several situations arise where, without even thinking about it, I no longer freeze. An unexpected outcome is that I have lost my shyness or reluctance to introduce myself to strangers who are influential.  

I would recommend Robert’s services. If you are unsure of the method he uses, EMDR, do the research on the treatment to your satisfaction. If you are unsure if Robert is the right fit for you, meet with him as he will discuss any concerns you may have.”  

~ C, Founder & CEO (Cassandra)

(Identity is confidential but testimonial remains unaltered to preserve the integrity of the client’s experience.)

Real Change Needs To Occur at the Neurological Level…

There’s No Way You Can…

Simply “Think Positively”

“Toughen Up”


“Forget About It”

And Although I Deeply Value…


Breathing Techniques




Healthy Eating

External Support Systems

(Even Medication in Extreme Circumstances)

They’re All Great But…

Unless You Heal The Root of the Problems

The Problems Will Persist


I had seen many therapists over the years. Robert was the first therapist, who after I left his office,  I actually felt a physical change in my cells.

For the first time in my life things have would have and had always bothered me, just didn’t matter anymore. I could not explain it.

He is a very gifted therapist.

We you are ready to take the next big leap in your life, I would highly suggest considering Robert. You will be grateful months later, that you took that leap.

Dr. Seema Kanwal, Naturopathic Doctor for Celebrity Athletes

(Permission Granted for Public Use of Identity.)

Unfortunately some professionals have been conditioned to believe something is wrong with them if they seek help in the first place.

Since they’re high-achievers they tend to think they need to be perfect…

Which means some part of them believes they’ll have to admit that they aren’t good enough.

(Perfect to them often means “not requiring help.”)

Being the intelligent human beings they are, the Left Hemisphere of their Brain (logical, analytical, reasoning) tells them it’s impossible to be perfect.

That it’s unreasonable to expect that of themselves…


The Right Hemisphere of their Brain (emotional, artistic, creative) feels differently.

Because deep down they fear that if they’re not perfect it means they’ll be inferior, less-than, unworthy of [fill in the blank]…

This is NOT their fault. 

They have been unconsciously programmed to believe that from early on in their childhood.

Even if they believe they had loving parents.

These beliefs are often passed down from generation to generation.

And they’re responsible for keeping a legacy’s future potential hostage.

Or for fucking it up entirely.

It frustrates me that most professionals won’t even think about what happened before the client was born.

Most professionals won’t even attempt to heal the trauma that Great Grandma went through.

Because they don’t think it affects the client who’s sitting in front of them.

Except it does.

Stories are passed down.

Feelings about those stories are passed down.

Beliefs tied to those feelings about those stories are passed down.

There’s even some research indicating trauma can be passed down on the cellular level.

Every family has a unique culture, coming from a unique history.

And every family history has some trauma to heal.

So there’s a ton of shit in this world.

But there’s also an enormous amount of beauty.

It’s just really hard to see the beauty when you’ve been unconsciously programmed to see the shit.

Here’s the kicker.

Generational Trauma doesn’t have to come from a major catastrophe in a family’s past.

It can be much harder to spot.

Like pressure.


Or unexpected personal challenges that don’t show up in the history books. 

Take my family.

Romanian background.

Under oppressive dictatorships, my Grandmother walked in the ditches collecting bottles to feed her three children.

Her husband was drunk often and would come home in wheelbarrows.

Or would sleep on the curb.

She was alone emotionally.

Then when he decided to commit suicide…

She was alone physically too.

Back to the ditches to support her family.

He was dealing with PTSD from war in the way men were allowed to handle it.

She was dealing with his way of dealing.

What is often missed by professionals is that each member of a family’s legacy operates through their own individually unique survival mechanisms…

Which “worked” at one point to ensure survival.

But now no longer works and isn’t even necessary.

The unconscious mind just needs to get the memo and stop responding to negative situations that are no longer present.

Or the next generation will be stuck responding to Grandma’s trauma.

Until someone stops the trend.


First Dad…

“You never know when the trauma you’ve kept deep inside will rise to the surface…until it does. I reached out to Robert shortly after the darkest time in my life. I knew I needed to change my life narrative forever. Robert. Check. I experienced EMDR in the past and knew I needed that too. Robert. Check. Check.

What I needed most of all, though, was a man to trust and to be a partner in my healing. Robert was (is) that man. The shift he was instrumental in guiding me through was nothing short of life altering. I had been operating below my potential for forty years with a secret locked inside eating away at my core! My family, friends, clients, the world, deserve the best of me. I deserve that more than anything. Robert has helped unshackle me from the grip of abuse, so I can trust myself to let others know me…because I know I am worth it.

I am placing Robert on the “Good Men List” along with others who are worthy, living their passion and potential and making the lives of others better.”

Mike Skrypnek CEO & Founder, Grow Get Give Coaching. Catalyst. Entrepreneur Coach. Int’l #1 Bestselling Author. Keynote Speaker. Philanthropic Guide & Business Strategist.

(Permission Granted for Public Use of Identity.)


Then Daughter

Robert’s work has been an extremely helpful and important asset to my healing journey. He was able to hit deep rooted problems that I didn’t even know were affecting my everyday life. My head feels clearer and I am so grateful to have had Robert recommended to me and to have been able to work with him.

Madison Skrypnek, Makeup Artist for Film and TV

(Permission Granted for Public Use of Identity.)











Can you imagine? 

Being trapped inside a personal prison like Mike was for 40 years…

Being a Top Performer in your field, but holding onto a secret that felt like it was eating away at your core?

Then watching the pattern repeat itself in your child?

You Don’t Have to Remain the Victim of Your Past…

You Can Become The Hero Who Carried the Torch for the Future.

Many Top Performers are driven to Elite Status because of their past.

It’s the fire that fueled their determination to live their lives with the same focus as an athlete training for the Olympics.

Some even become Olympians.

Others are CEOs.

Others are Musicians.




It’s incredible what they’ve achieved so far.

Because they did it all with a “knife in their leg.”

That internal prison is like a secret knife that digs into their true potential.

They’ve learned to improve other areas to exceptional degrees…

Imagine what happens when you remove the knife…

You Don’t Stop Performing.

You Perform Better Than You Ever Have Before!

But what do you think happens if the knife is never removed?

Eventually the wound becomes infected.

And not only does the athlete lose the race.

They lose the leg.


“I was worrying about things, not feeling happy, feeling overwhelmed. I was also feeling distracted and not able to focus and was lacking motivation. I have been feeling it most strongly the last 3-4 years. 

I was feling overwhelmed, worried and depressed at times. I found it difficult to get my head ‘clear’ about things and would get overwhelmed about making decisions. I was struggling to get motivated to get things done.  

Robert was very professional at all times; also was very clear in his explanations of the process and what to expect; gave lots of time and space for individual pacing when dealing/processing something. He was a patient and understanding guide, as I worked through these issues.

I would recommend Robert to anyone.” 

~ L, Entrepreneur

(Identity is confidential but testimonial remains unaltered to preserve the integrity of the client’s experience.)

I respect your time as an extremely valuable asset to you.

My time is no different to me.

I don’t have time for games.

Anyone I choose to sit down with gets the real me.

Which also includes a judgement-free space to share what’s going on for you.

I’m also going to be straight-forward in letting you know if I believe I can help you.

All I ask from you is to be ready to be real with me in return.


“You have to want to heal… When Robert came into my life, I was ready… Sometimes you need a little, sometimes you need a lot. Robert gifted to me a very safe space to express myself to feel very comfortable, to know there wasn’t any judgment. And as someone who worked as a grief counselor myself, in Robert’s industry, it’s not so easy to go into a therapy or counseling session…however, it worked! And it’s been a very, very long time before I was able to sit down with anyone like the way I was able to sit with Robert.”

Founder & Owner of Power 98.5 Satellite Radio & United Angels Dream Public Relations Firm

(Permission Granted for Public Use of Identity.)

Some people come prepared with exactly what they want to work through and what they want to change.

While others are less clear.

Both are fine.

You DO NOT need to know everything about your past to heal from it.

I’ve healed many clients who had complete memory blocks for large portions of their life.

All you need to know is how you’re feeling now and have some sense of where you’d like to go.

I’ll meet you where you are.

And take you where you want to go.


“I was looking for the right therapist to work with, during my stay in Vancouver. I Googled EMDR therapists in the Vancouver area and a lot of profiles came up. I chose to contact Robert as his words on his profile resonated with me, he wrote about healing inner conflict and awakening one’s potential.

I had several very intense EMDR sessions with Robert while I was in Vancouver. He is very focused and doesn’t lose sight of why I went to him. Before we started the work, he asked me about specific issues that I wanted to bring to awareness and we focused on those. He has the ability to read in between the lines, pick up important elements that I myself may not have been aware of.

I would recommend Robert very highly for his professionalism, his focus and dedication and the open mindedness he brings to his work with his clients.” 

~ S, Hollywood Actress

(Identity is confidential but testimonial remains unaltered to preserve the integrity of the client’s experience.)

Most people are both excited and nervous when they sit down with me.

They want to know what it will feel like.

Is it going to hurt?

What’s going to happen?

What do I need to do?

It’s natural to be curious.

Here’s what you need to know…

Working with me will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Unlike many professionals out there that see the symptoms and a client who needs to be fixed…

I see my clients as whole already.

From the higher perspective of their entire lifeline.

I respect everything they’ve been through, and who they had to be to get through it.

I appreciate who and where they are now.

I hold the space and honour what they want to become and how far they can go.

Even if they don’t see it themselves.

We’re not going to talk in endless circles.

We’re going to hone-in on the life experiences that formed the prison you’re in.

And we will be extremely precise.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this.

When we go to grab the handle of the knife, it’s going to hurt a little bit.

But it will be over very quickly.

Unlike waiting for a wound to heal in your leg, the wound in your mind will heal exponentially faster.

That’s because the neurological networks within your brain are capable of repairing and rewiring within nanoseconds.

Yes, you will experience a very short duration of higher distress when we focus on certain areas.

We’re talking a couple of minutes.

It will rise like a crescendo..

Then it will decrease extremely quickly.

Think “bell curve.”

One more time looking at it and you’re done.


Yes, you’ll still remember the memory or situation we’ve just healed of course.

This isn’t ECT (“shock therapy”) or a lobotomy.

You’re not Jack Nicholson (unless you in fact are Jack.)

After several hundred clients, I can say with 100% certainty, it will feel like a distant fact when we’re done.

Like the ice age.

You know it happened, but it doesn’t bother you.

And no matter how high your bell curve takes you, or how wedged that knife is in your leg…

I know how to deal with it.


“I have seen Robert due to an addiction that was rooted in childhood trauma. The memory of the trauma came up in a session with another counsellor about one year prior to the treatment with Robert. That means, my trauma was hidden for more than 20 years deep down before it surfaced. Unfortunately, I was not able to heal through talking therapy for more than a year. A different counsellor mentioned to me that EMDR might be helpful and this is how I found Robert.

EMDR was able to solve something within a few sessions that talking therapy could not for more than a year.

Before the EMDR treatment, I felt like my life was surrounded by a bubble filled with painful memories and emotions. It was almost impossible to let myself feel the pain of physical abuse and neglect that occurred to me in my childhood. EMDR helped me to process the painful memories and stabilize my emotional response. I would say the painful memories have lost their intensity, which was simply liberating and lead to a new life.

Robert was very professional and helpful throughout the entire treatment. At times, when the memories were so painful (I even contemplated walking out of the session), Robert was able to guide me through the session with kindness and understanding. For that reason, I can only recommend Robert as a counsellor and EMDR as a therapy approach.”

~ P, President / Public Figure

(Identity is confidential but testimonial remains unaltered to preserve the integrity of the client’s experience.)

And you know what else?

You don’t even need to tell me all the details.

I just need to know the basics.

I call it the “Chapter Titles” of your story.

Many are so thrilled they don’t need to explain every aspect of everything to me (saves you from having to re-live every detail of a painful memory and feel even more shame…plus it saves us time).

I just need to know if you’re feeling better, worse, or the same.

Positive, negative, or neutral.

But, if you do want to share any details (maybe you’ve never told anyone and you feel that pain needs a witness)…

I’m all ears. 

I’ve heard things over the years that would give the average person nightmares for weeks.

I can take it.

And then some.

I look at the world through a very unique perspective that can hold the dark with the light.

All the best artists understand shadow. 

But work in the light.


“Before I started my sessions with Robert, I was in a depression that had followed me on and off for years. My mental health issues were preventing me from being able to pursue my ambitions and think clearly. I was also experiencing symptoms of depersonalization and blurred vision due to my depression that made it hard for me to relate to my surroundings.

After frequent EMDR sessions, I was back to a place of stability which eventually lead to complete mental and visual clarity. I have been depression-free for one year now, despite many traumatic events taking place involving death and sickness of family members, which typically would have triggered a depressive episode.

Robert is kind, patient and understanding, and I would highly recommend his service for anyone dealing with symptoms of depression.”

~ B, Professional Artist

(Identity is confidential but testimonial remains unaltered to preserve the integrity of the client’s experience.)

I come from a background of high-achievers.

Two cousins are lawyers.

My father was a heart surgeon and still practices general medicine because he loves it.

When I was little I used to wish I could wave my hand and perform miracles.

I had no idea 30 years later I would be able to essentially do just that.

I’m in the business of creating life-changing results in my clients’ lives.

I don’t accept anything less.

Because I know that with each client I agree to take on…

I’m putting my reputation on the line.

But for you…

It’s not just your reputation or future that could be on the line.

It could be your life.


The words that kept going through my head almost every day were “pathetic and loser”. I was starting to have very dark thoughts about not wanting to be alive any longer. I didn’t want to feel the loneliness and emotional pain that I woke up with every day. 

Caring for my mom was a very big part of my life for over 30 years. Due to a major illness, her health was declining and she chose to have an assisted death, I was her advocate as she was not capable of making all the calls and arrangements. After she passed away, I felt no one needed me so what was my value, did it matter if I was alive. I was having a hard time releasing my grief, an assisted death although very dignified, is still difficult to process.

I was also tired of being emotionally abused in relationships, I was always making concessions for the other persons behaviour and never standing up for myself.

My worthiness has been an issue for me most of my life. I was bullied from the first day I started school until the last. I’ve always put myself last and have never been great at boundaries.

I had no motivation to do anything. When I woke up in the morning I would spend hours laying in bed staring at the ceiling or scrolling through social media. I was comforting myself with food, especially sweets. Being an entrepreneur, I feared for my financial future, especially because I’m 59 years old and single, I support myself. 

I was also tired of talking to therapists, I felt like I was going in circles. Each week dive into a topic that brought ah ha moments, yet patterns continued, especially in romantic relationships.

Robert was easy to work with. He listened, he wasn’t quick to answer, he qualified what I said. I felt a lot of comfort in how he initially analyzed the challenges I felt were the biggest roadblocks and saw how they all connected back to feeling unworthy. During the One and Done sessions, we kept working through the issues until I felt a sense of internal peace. 

Robert helped me change my life, in some regards, he helped me save my life. I’m finally living life, I wake up feeling rested and ready to start my day. The days that present challenges are much easier to navigate using the tools and mantras Robert helped me create. 

I no longer feel a victim of my past. My passion has returned for the things that I love, I am living each day and feel present. I’m also more confident in setting boundaries and knowing that the other persons reaction, is their responsibility not mine. I do not feel guilty for putting myself first.

I feel a deep love for myself which shows up in my blue eyes, they are sparkling again, something I haven’t seen for a very long time. I giggle and laugh more and feel joy. When I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful glow that radiates from my heart, I love the body that I’m in.

It also feels good to allow my emotions to come and not be worried that I’m headed into dark spaces. I can feel sad and know that it’s not the beginning of a depressive period for me.

I have already recommended Robert to others.

What is living life worth to you? Investing in myself and my life with the One and Done session is the best investment I have ever made. I have never felt this good about myself and my life, to me, that is worth more than any possession I might ever purchase.

~ Connie Pretula CNP (“The Menopause Navigator”), Entrepreneur

(Permission Granted for Public Use of Identity.)

I’m not going to convince you to click the button.

You should know by now if you want to do it.

If you don’t.

You’re probably not ready.

That’s OK.

It takes some people a few years before they decide they’re ready to jump.

But those who will get the most out of this process are the leaders who are ready to leap.

And that’s who I enjoy working with the most, because they have what it takes to change the world.

Or at least their portion of it.

But like any big decision, you’ll want to know what your options are.

That’s what the consultation is for.

We will sit down together and I’ll answer any questions you have.

I’ll be asking you a few myself.

This is a two-way street and there has to be an equal exchange of energy, respect, and reciprocity.

I won’t be digging the knife in any further though.

You already know your pain.

And I’m pretty sick of the fake scarcity and manipulative sales tactics out there on “strategy sessions.”

So you’re not going to be pressured into buying anything.

I hate that as much as you do.

You are probably keenly aware of how many years and how much money you’ve spent looking for answers.

You’re smart enough to know about “opportunity costs” (you know…all the stuff we miss out on because we’re focused on the knife in the leg).

But you probably don’t know what’s actually possible for you.

Some people have spent so long living with that knife in their leg that they’ve become accustomed to limping.

But if we decide to do this…

I’ll have you running.

In just a weekend you can be living your life in such a way that you can’t wait to wake up tomorrow. 

Because tomorrow you’re doing some pretty awesome shit in this world.

Because you love how it feels to be you.

And that’s what this is all about.

You knowing how amazing it is to be you on the inside.


“My major concern was dealing with rape PTSD and all the myriad negative things I had dealt with that was related to that. For four chaotic and dark years, it changed every single aspect of my life. Nothing went untouched by this. My whole world turned upside down. Everything blew up in my face. My reputation, sense of identity and understanding of the world shattered. My personality changed dramatically. My interests changed dramatically. It was like I became another person and I had no control over it. Everything was impacted by rape. From the way I wore my makeup, to the people I associated with, to how I viewed myself, my relationships in life, work, everything changed. 

From the very beginning Robert was so attentive to every detail and very organized. He responded to emails very quickly, was sensitive to any need I brought up, and handled everything professionally with care, and without judgement. I was amazed at how much he paid attention to the little things. I was so ready to tackle this trauma and get some sense of worth and meaning back into my life. Being stuck in such a delicate state, and being a highly sensitive person, I needed the right therapist and Robert proved himself to be it from the very beginning.  

After treatment, “nothing changed” on the outside. But inside, everything changed. Something like rape will forever change you. Coming to terms with that, finding a new sense of identity that feels right, as well as some sense of purpose again, is a very difficult thing to navigate. Through the EMDR process I was able to “come back down” to myself and find stability in my mind and heart, and come to peace with my past. I was able to find the good in the bad about the situations I faced, but moreso in myself. For the first time in my life I experienced the feeling of being worthy enough to be cared for, loved, heard, protected and to have time spent on me. A beautiful domino effect happened. I can say that now I live with greater confidence about my boundaries, my worth, my individuality, and my right to navigate my life for my needs and interests. It’s a remarkably huge step in my life!  

Without doubt I would recommend Robert! I already strongly suggested to a few friends that they should go! Learn about EMDR and if it seems remotely worth spending your time on, DO IT. Sign up with Robert and get started on making the changes you want in your life! Whatever is holding you back from going through this healing process, sacrifice it. If you are not whole and healed and healthy then nothing else in your life will be either. It all starts with you!” 

~ T. Architect

(Identity is confidential but testimonial remains unaltered to preserve the integrity of the client’s experience.)

Most people have been conditioned to believe that you “can’t change the past.”

They believe that if something bad happens to you, you just have to learn to deal with it.

Accept it.

Learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

To me that’s a cop-out.

And it’s certainly not true.

Yes, we cannot jump in a time machine and literally change the events that occurred to you…

But we can actually change how the events are stored within your memory.

I’ve taken clients back to significant events and replayed them with a very directive approach and allowed the younger parts of their psyche to have different experiences.

The Limbic Area of our brain (particularly the Amygdala) does not know the difference between an experience that happened 20 years ago and something that’s happening right now.

Therefore, if we provide a new experience right now taking into context both the present and the past, the brain will have a different experience.

But we don’t just talk about it.

We apply something called “Bi-Lateral Stimulation.”

It’s quite a bit like having a vivid dream.

Except with this one you’re awake and you’re in full control.

Plus you have me guiding you.

I have a very strange way of looking at the world since I’ve been doing this kind of work.

There is no singular reality to me.

All that matters is ensuring you feel empowered when you think of your reality.

And when you eliminate the darkest parts of a memory that is “right in your face” (you know the parts of a memory that you can’t stop thinking about?)…

Your brain will start remembering all the lighter parts of the memory along with pieces of information stored within other memories.

This changes the core memory in such a way that allows you to finally “let go” of the distress that maintains the negative beliefs that are tied to the memory.

The brain only holds on to information that it deems as important. 

I believe that due to evolutionary reasons, the brain tends to hang onto distressing experiences as “important” in an effort to avoid potential danger in the future.

That used to mean, avoiding the canyon where all the saber-toothed tigers frequently hunt…

But now it’s avoiding situations that might trigger feeling inadequate or vulnerable again, or whatever negative feeling you’re trying to avoid.

Take one of my previous clients, Nomi (pseudonym).

Actress, entrepreneur, beautiful soul, in and out.

But just could not allow herself to be loved from a place of valuing herself first.

She would pour her love into her work and let the world see her from this vantage point, but her love life was a mess.

She was often cheated on.

She was her lover’s “other woman…”

And at work, she was objectified by powerful men in “high-places.”

And when she took a stand to say “No.” 

She was fired.

While she knew logically that no woman deserves to be victimized, she couldn’t help but feel she was somehow responsible.

That she should have somehow accepted “that’s just how it is in this business” and get on with it.

And then she met me.


“I was dealing with trauma from relocating and losing my job suddenly, and family trauma both past and present. Healing from these things is a problem for however long they plague you until you get help. My trauma manifested in depression, anxiety, lower self esteem, and isolation.

Robert makes you feel totally at ease sharing anything, because he explains the process so well and has such a kind and professional manner that sets you at ease. He is also very thoughtful and thorough. He helped me to let go of some deep seated limiting beliefs that I hadn’t realized were what was making it so hard to get through the current traumas in my life. And he provided me with some super helpful techniques to release immediate anxiety. I would definitely recommend Robert.

The EMDR technique he uses adds the physical energetic reset that makes the difference between continually going back to revisit a problem – because you can’t quite let go of the core of it – and moving on from it.  

Don’t wait – try it – it can’t hurt – it truly helps!!!”  

~ L, Actor & Entrepreneur

(Identity is confidential but testimonial remains unaltered to preserve the integrity of the client’s experience.)

When people sit down with me for the Congruence Consultation, many have a hard time believing what’s possible for them.

It’s completely normal too.

It can be quite challenging to accept that something they’ve become accustomed to living with for nearly their whole lives can be erased in a single weekend.

Many wonder if they’ve wasted years on other approaches (some wonder if they’ve lost decades)…

My answer is always, the following:

“Everything you’ve done so far has gotten you ready for this moment with me.”

Therefore it’s not that you’ve completely “wasted” your time per se…

As you’ve learned a lot about yourself and probably learned some great techniques.

But now that you know what’s possible, and what we can do together, you have a choice to make: go forward with me and unlock the rest of your life’s potential…

Or go back to the way things are currently.

There’s no wrong here.

Only choices.

You are 100% responsible for your life and how you choose to live it.

I always respect how people choose to live their lives.

Even if I don’t agree with it being the best choice, I honour it.

When Andrea found my Instagram posts, she started to open to the possibility that I could help her in a profound way that she hadn’t been able to find yet.

As a traveling spiritual artist, whose gift is in literally painting her clients’ spiritual potential on a canvas, Andrea had already done a bunch of work on herself.

But there was always something missing.

And since this is a common experience for many of my clients, I asked her permission to share her experience with me over a video interview.

I wanted you to be able to see someone’s face right after their weekend had completed. 

Here is Andrea’s testimonial (please unmute):

When I was first learning how to market and sell my “Weekend,” I made some mistakes.

One of them was in trusting a well-respected business coach duo (I won’t name names), who taught excellent organic copywriting…

But then taught how to bully people on the sales call.

As I said, I am not going to bullshit you.

Everyone knows that before you buy anything valuable there’s always a sales call.

Call it a Strategy Session, Roadmap, Clarity Call, whatever…

I call mine a Congruence Consultation.

Now hear me when I say this.

I am not going to bully you into buying anything from me.

I did that once after listening to these business coaches, and I almost threw up I felt so disgusted with myself.

All that I learned as a psychotherapist I threw out the window on that sales call.

Instead of offering informed consent, I tried to say just the right thing so the prospect would put a $1000 deposit down.

Thankfully, he didn’t agree and we ended the phone call.

I did a lot of soul searching after that call, and promptly terminated my contract with those business coaches.

I believe sales calls shouldn’t be about convincing anyone to do anything they don’t already want to do.

It should be first and foremost, about determining whether there is chemistry to begin with should we both decide we want to work together.

Then it becomes answering the question of whether or not I believe I can deliver to you what you desire most.

If there’s a yes and yes to the first two questions, then we can talk numbers.

And if you’re at all like me, you’ve already done a bunch of research.

As long as a few important details are present, I trust my gut.

NOBODY likes pushy sales people.

And contrary to what the Wealthy Business Gurus (i.e. business coaches like I described above) want their clients to believe…

That you “need to help people make a decision to buy from you because you’re their best option”…

Even if that’s so…

Timing is everything. 

If I say “Yes” to working with a client, do I believe I will get them the results they desire?

Yes 100%.

The Total Immersion Weekend is designed to get my clients results even faster than the traditional EMDR approach.

And I trust myself, my training, and my professional experience 100%.

And because of having experienced a taste of just about all that life has to offer – both positive and negative – I trust my intuition 100%.

But do I believe everyone is ready for this type of change this fast? 


Therefore, even if I know I can help you, and even if I believe we’ll have good chemistry…

The timing might just not yet be right.

Every business needs sales to survive, but nobody enjoys Buyer’s Remorse.

I’ve been burned before.

I’ve spent over $100k on empty promises from various business coaches and professionals over the years…

I don’t expect you to trust me 100%.

That’s why I have different options you can choose from.

I’ll explain all of this during the consultation.

So know this…

Should you decide to click the button and schedule a time for us to chat…

I will NOT be judging you whatsoever.

You are exactly where you need to be at this given moment.

I will respect and honour you regardless of whether we decide to go forward and work together.

Which is what I expect when I’m sitting in your seat, looking at what I will invest my hard-earned-money in next.

So I ask that you come with some questions you want to ask me.

Write them down so you remember them.

And make sure you’re in a quiet place with little to no distractions so we can have a private chat about what you’re dealing with and what you want.

I will not only be seeing the knife in your leg, and what it will take to remove it, but I’ll also be seeing how fast you’ll be able to run and where you can go when it’s all healed.

I spend a great deal of energy on the future…

Because that’s what this all about.

Your future.

What’s the point of healing from the past if you have no direction for the future? 

Yes the present is important (and it’s true that it’s all we have right now)…

But my life has a purpose as well.

And that means direction is crucial.

So do your best to come with that as well.

When you become free from your inner-prison, what will you do with your freedom? 

What are you doing?

Who are you doing it with?

What are you accomplishing now?

If you could have my support to make all of that a reality, what good will that do for you and those around you?

Remember, it’s just a chat right now.

This consultation is about seeing what’s possible for you.

Neither of us are making a commitment to each other just yet.

But come ready.

I don’t want you to miss anything.

And if you need to bring someone with you that needs to be present for when it comes time to make a decision, by all means invite them  to be present.

I’ve got absolutely nothing to hide, and no hidden agendas. 

Heck, maybe they might see they need me too and this becomes an even more powerful investment for your legacy.

Just like it was for Joan and Grant, and their two kids.

What first started as Joan looking for me to help her with a food addiction and her low self-esteem…

Ended up with me healing her whole family from decades of trauma that was boiling under the surface.

Quietly undermining the family’s legacy…


What’s cool about working with Robert is you come in for a specific problem (for me it was weight loss) and he helps you identify the root issue of the problem. For me to really address my weight issues, we had to dig deeper into a lifetime of limiting beliefs I had about myself that were thwarting my efforts to live healthily. The issues we identified and processed had a positive waterfall effect not just in my journey to attain my ideal weight, but it also affected my relationship with myself and others significantly.

Never had I considered it was possible to unconditionally love people who had hurt me in the past, but that’s the miraculous the work Robert does. Your mind will literally be changed, for the better. A practical example, I am now friends with my ex-husband, a notion that was unthinkable a few years ago.

I think what makes Robert special and very different from other therapists I’ve worked with is his ability to create an ultra safe space very quickly and his ability to dial in on key memories to process, that wind up unlocking other stuck areas. He also has an incredible memory for your story and remembers a great deal of things discussed. This made me feel like he’s really listening and cares about helping you piece together all of the memories to create a comprehensive healing plan.

I’ve already begun recommending friends to Robert and will continue to do so. If you’re on the fence about working with him, all I can say is the transformation I’ve experienced has been well worth the investment!

(Identity is confidential but testimonial remains unaltered to preserve the integrity of the client’s experience.)

Speaking of investment…

Most people are interested in knowing that a portion of the fee in working with me goes towards supporting charitable organizations and initiatives.

I am partial towards helping the homeless population because I spent nearly two years working as an Outreach worker in the poorest postal code in Canada: The Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, BC.

A show called “Local Connection” airing on Global TV, interviewed me early in my career about the various assistance I was helping The Salvation Army provide: shelter, food, clothing, long-term housing, access to mental health resources, employment resources, government assistance, and admittance to detox and rehabilitation services.

When I worked there I was astounded as to how easy it is to become homeless.

Many of us are just a few spirals away.

Homelessness doesn’t discriminate.

I literally had a rocket scientist as a client once (after a bad divorce, he lost his job, he hit the bottle and just didn’t stop).

I’ve come close myself to homelessness, so I know it can happen to anyone.

While I was working there, I was also the lead singer and rhythm guitarist in an acoustic rock band.

It was then when I discovered first-hand how challenging it is to “make it” in the music industry.

At the time I was also facing my own challenges with alcohol, drugs, sex, anxiety, and depression, on top of balancing being the leader in the band, as well as completing my masters’ education.

And although I felt we were pretty good (we got an offer to be represented by a manager working for an independent record label)…

I knew as a professional musician, I’d need to dedicate an enormous amount of time and effort into perfecting my craft.

The same amount of time and effort I would need to dedicate if I was going to become a world-class psychotherapist.

So I needed to choose just one.

How could I make the biggest impact in the world? 

So we broke up as a band and I went to pursue Psychology full-time.

It was one of the hardest breakups I’ve ever had to endure.

Still to this day, I will be overcome with emotion and nostalgia when I remember playing.

While I made the choice to hang up my strings, I never forgot the amazing feeling it was to hear the songs I wrote be supported and enhanced by a band behind me.

There is nothing quite like it.

I share this part of my life with you not only because I have a past in writing and playing music, but because it also required me to consider our image, brand, entertainment value, and more…

It was also my first taste of being a leader.

Plus my celebrity and artistic clients appreciate that I have some general idea what it’s like to be on stage, vulnerable, pouring my heart out to strangers.

I get how hard that is on its own – well before you ever become famous for it. 

Then with fame comes a whole new level of stress and responsibilities.

There’s so many external roadblocks to begin with, so having internal roadblocks makes it that much harder.

At one point inner torment is the muse that can inspire one’s art, but at a later point it starts tearing the individual apart from the inside out.

Sometimes it manifests as a disease or bodily discomfort…

Meet Melanie.

A professional musician, who grew up in a family with high expectations with a parent who displayed narcissistic tendencies (this family dynamic is actually quite common with high-achievers).

Melanie’s lack of clear affection from her parents (made even more apparent due to her parents’ “Old World, Eastern European” background), meant that she struggled with learning how to regulate her own emotions.

At a very young age, she felt she had to be perfect.

She would look at herself in the mirror and literally pick at her “imperfections” (just as her mother would pick at her with her words).

Because she managed to play a vital role in a major symphony that would tour the world…

And she was very intelligent and self-aware…

As well as adventurous (she even flew to a foreign country to try supervised hallucinogens)…

But while she could get “to the bottom” of her issues by herself, she didn’t know where to go next…

How was she supposed to heal on her own?


“I wanted to understand better the dynamics between my parents and their relationship to me, as I always knew they were at the root of my self-destructive behaviour and unrealistically high expectations – from myself and others. All my life, I was promiscuous, short-tempered, demanding and easily bored, while always longing to be in a relationship; jealous of other people’s professional success, insecure about my own accomplishments; picking at my skin since early teenage years. I’m almost 40 now. 

I was having to work with the public on a daily basis and having to cover up scars and pretend everything is fine was at best exhausting, mostly really hard, the hardest being able to forgive and love myself despite all the horrible things I was doing to myself. More than once I thought I would lose my mind and the pain and self-judgement were almost unbearable. 

Apart from spiritual work, working with Robert has been the best thing I could have done for myself, by far: Robert helped me understand and overcome my deeply rooted traumas; he also helped ‘organize’ chaotic visions and emotional experiences I had from using hallucinogenic plants. Not only did he help me deal with my pre-existing problems, he also gave me imporant tools to use on my own in the future. I am much more at peace, I feel I released the last bits of trauma and self-doubt/hate in session with Robert.

I feel light and in the best place I’ve been my whole life. I was already moving in the right direction but Robert helped me ‘cement’ it. I’ve been happily single (not necessarily sexless) for a while now and feel better than ever in my own company. I also feel I have lots to share with the world, but I’m finally becoming the most important person in my life. Just the way I am. 🙂 

I absolutely recommend Robert by all means. He is a kind, respectful, deeply caring human being, and also very knowledeable. I fully trust his professionalism and am touched by the genuine interest and love of his work. If you’re already on the fence (about working with Robert)-it means you’re ready. You wouldn’t be considering working with Robert if you didn’t feel deep down you are ready to know yourself better.”


~ M, Professional Musician

(Identity is confidential but testimonial remains unaltered to preserve the integrity of the client’s experience.)

One of the greatest characteristics of my work is that the results not only last, but they actually improve over time.

This is exactly the opposite from what Industry Standard healers offer.

Generally for them, after the client experiences a “breakthrough” they’ll feel OK for a little while…

They’ll practice their techniques several times a day.

They’ll work diligently to avoid certain scenarios that might trigger them.

And if they need to approach the triggering event (such as a live performance – Lady Gaga has noted that she still to this day experiences stage fright), they’ll go through elaborate efforts to try and feel in control of the situation.

My clients experience being in total control of themselves simply because they are.

And then their mastery over their life only seems to improve as they continue to make further neural connections as they continue to live their lives.

I call this period “Integration.”

The individual is part of a system with all those around them (work, family, social relationships, etc.).

The old version had patterns of interacting with the other elements of the system.

During The Weekend, the individual undergoes their incredible transformation.

Three days later, they emerge back into their lives.

This time they are their True Self.

The system they are a part of, now must adapt to their new way of being.

And they get the opportunity to integrate their new level of being with their various systems.

Remember Andrea? 

Earlier, I shared a video of her right at the end of her experience of The Weekend.

I wanted to share another video of her upon her follow up (two weeks later), so you can see what I’m talking about.

(Please unmute so you can hear.) 

Andrea was quick to provide her consent for me to use her video testimonials because she’s already told several of her friends about the work we did together over her Weekend.

Naturally, her friends had a hard time believing her.

I told her the best way to convince others that they should try this is to simply live your life.

Let the results speak for themselves.

Because Andrea is but a part of her social system, the other individuals in her system are forced to respond to Andrea’s changes.

And change she did.

Andrea is no longer triggered by daily events that otherwise would set her on a downward spiral.

Her children notice it.

Her friends notice it.

And her clients notice it.

I’m so glad I was able to catch her downward spiral and help turn it around to a continuously expanding upward spiral.

Just like I did with Charles.

For a decade he struggled with nightmares related to the death of his mother. 

How well do you think an executive functions when they barely sleep? 

OK some have learned to function well with little sleep…but what about when they barely sleep for 10 years??


“I was experiencing trauma from the loss of my mother who suffered from a devastating illness, as well as other difficult life events. It had been going on for over ten years! I was experiencing frequent nightmares which left me waking up feeling distraught and almost reliving the grief.  

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience of working with Robert. After failed attempts at traditional talk therapy, I felt a little apprehensive about trying EMDR. However, one hour into treatment and I knew it was the right decision. Robert made me feel at ease and comfortable throughout the entire process of going through difficult life events, and reprocessing the memories.  

When I left Robert’s office, I instantly felt as though progress had been made. Since then, I have not experienced any nightmares, and I genuinely believe that I have gained a greater insight and understanding into my inner self.  

Robert is an expert in his field. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others. Facing our problems is never easy, but Robert simplifies the process of working through trauma. Working with Robert is an investment in your mental health, and that, in my opinion, is 100% worthwhile.”

~  C, Executive

(Identity is confidential but testimonial remains unaltered to preserve the integrity of the client’s experience.)

My goal with every new client is to go beyond what they believe as possible. 

This is because I want you to tell the world about your experience in your own way. 

You don’t need to post publicly on social media like Prince Harry and Evan Rachel Wood, or do a podcast episode with Russel Brand like Jameela Jamil…

But you do have a stage to speak on and your world needs to see you at your best.

As a leader you must take the first leap.

Then let your results do the talking.