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The Canadian Mental Health Association states that 50% of British Columbians will experience a form of mental illness by the time they’re 40 years old.

And while the World Health Organization states that 1/4 of the Earth’s population will struggle with a mental health condition, most will never seek help.

Which is really unfortunate. 

Because most professionals will continue living their “lie” (looking in control on the outside, but secretly struggling with feeling they’re “not enough,” “don’t belong,” or they’re “damaged” in some way on the inside). 

So we’re hired by people like you who are courageous enough to rewire their professional mind for Total Success, silence their inner criticism, and are ready to reclaim their life now…not in 6-12 months from now.

Bottomline: We turn “traditional therapy” on its head, so you can love what it’s like inside yours as fast as humanly possible.

We specialize in EMDR because...

Research and clinical experience determined EMDR is the shortest path to your results...


Already EMDR has been known to "speed up" therapy...we just supercharged it.


Extended sessions provide the option to accelerate results beyond what's normally possible.
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Your goals - not ours - are what's important to us...and that's what we align ourselves with.


We adopt and use the most advanced EMDR techniques to bring you to your goals.
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Most people are amazed by what can be accomplished with us.


We make sure to measure clinical outcomes in comparison to what your initial goals were.
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About Grigore Counselling - EMDR for professionals

Founder message

"In addition to EMDR, I attribute our clinical successes with transforming the lives of over a thousand individuals due in large part to our own experiences throughout life. We've each had many successes and we've each had many failures.

Personally, I survived childhood bullying, toxic masculinity, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse in dysfunctional relationships, addictions, bankruptcy, suicidal ideation...

I've built a successful practice, for which I am extremely proud of, and I love my work each and every day. I am happily married with two beautiful children, and two furbabies. And through it all, I can confidently say...

Your legacy is not measured by how many dollars are in your bank account, how many awards are in your display case, or the assets you leave behind for your children, but by the amount of love you give to heal our world.”

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