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EMDR: Your TICKET to a “Better You.”

Many people are surprised when they first learn that EMDR can be used to treat almost any constellation of psychological and emotional symptoms, as well as treat some physical symptoms. This is because EMDR works by correcting deep-seeded issues which have cognitive, emotional, as well as bodily elements. It’s amazing how connected the mind and body really is! After all, emotions are felt in the body.

10 Signs Your Pain May Be Trauma-Based

If there is trauma that your body is carrying, it means you definitely need to see a trauma therapist to help you translate what your body is trying to get you to look at. If you don’t, the cost is well…a hefty one: you’re bound to spend a lot of money over time (with little to no resolution), or not be able to work and as a consequence, lose potential income; you could be missing out on having a rich emotional palate and be able to fully express yourself; and your relationships are bound to continue to suffer.

5 Tips for Avoiding the “Christmas Crossfire”

Regardless of whether or not you celebrate Christmas or some other holiday tradition, the thought of visiting with family can instill in a lot of people “Christmas Fear” instead of “Christmas Cheer.” I’m going to pass along 5 Tips for Avoiding the “Christmas Crossfire.”

Haunted by the Ghosts of Trauma Past

These “unfinished experiences” remain imprinted upon our unconsciousness and we begin to formulate personal meaning out of them. We carry around messages we created (or were forced in some way to adopt), which say “I’m unlovable,” “I’m stupid,” “I’m not important,” “I deserve to be punished,” and on, and on, and on, like we are haunted by the ghost of that trauma’s past.