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Let’s Talk EMDR!

Are EMDR Intensives Hyped Or Effective? Find Out From The Master Himself EMDR enthusiasts, brace yourselves! Ever pondered the buzz around EMDR intensives? Curious to

Before and after female in bikini - EMDR for Weight Loss: The ONE Thing Your Current Diet/Exercise Plan is Missing
EMDR for Weight Loss: The ONE Thing Your Current Diet/Exercise Plan is Missing

…did you know that you’ve been doing everything probably pretty close to as right as you can…except for ONE thing. And this one thing is going to be the difference between yo-yo-dieting, and dreaming of the perfect body, to actually living in it, and feeling like a winner.

EMDR versus CBT
EMDR VS Talk Therapy: Friend or Foe?

I get this question often: “So Robert, if EMDR therapy is in your opinion the best and fastest form of therapy out there, why should I bother going to a talk therapist?”

Good question. In this blog post, I’m going to outline a few benefits and limitations of both therapies, and at the end, maybe it will become clear as to whether the two forms of therapy can work together, or if they are destined to be enemies!

How I Know You NEED Therapy

The reason I can be so certain that we all NEED therapy, is the exact reason why I wrote the book, “You NEED Therapy. EMDR: Real People, With Real Problems, Getting Real Help.”

5 Easy Ways to Boost Stress Tolerance - Man in blue shirt on blue sky with white clouds
5 Easy Ways to Boost Stress Tolerance

You know what it feels like to be stressed right? Of course you do! But what if I told you that on top of the regular stresses involved in your daily life, you may be engaging in some unhealthy habits which actually lower your ability to handle stress?

STOP Procrastinating. Sooner Rather than Later.

Usually, people struggling with procrastination are not fond of this tendency they find themselves repeating this pattern over, and over again…and they feel powerless to stop it.

STOP Self-Sabotage with EMDR

This blog post will cover 3 important areas:

1. Why people use a substance or engage in problem behaviour.

2. Why EMDR is my preferred method for treating impulse control disorders that are either substance-based or behavioural based (*hint because it works) and NOT a 12-step model.

3. How EMDR can help (WAY faster than one might think).

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